Art and cultural heritage - sources of surprise, knowledge and aesthetics. ArteKino offers custom fit solutions to give a wide variety of audiences access to these sources.
What does ArteKino do?

ArteKino makes art and cultural heritage accessible to a variety of target groups by designing custom fit programs, supervising the processes regarding implementation of these programs and sharing experience and knowledge.

Why does ArteKino do this?

Gaining access to contemporary art and cultural heritage means you can experience, create and discuss new or mystifying worlds. According to ArteKino, this contributes to the development of self-analysis, self-expression as well as self-confidence, enjoyment and awareness.

How does ArteKino achieve this?

ArteKino creates meaningful experiences in which curiosity, observation, exploration, imagining and reflecting form its core. Evoking curiosity as well as enjoyment which generates receptiveness to being open-minded.

Educational Design
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Project management
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Training and coaching
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Museum For 1 Day (MV1D)
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Connecting worlds
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About ArteKino
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Current Projects

Cultuureducatie met Kwaliteit (CmK) is a national program to increase the quality of cultural education within primary schools.

Since 2017 I have been working for this program as school counselor in primary education and give workshops Visual Arts. Forming a vision of cultural policy within the school is one of the main goals and is needed to implement cultural education.

In this program teachers learn about creative processes and how to stimulate creative thinking. Doing so they critically examine their own educational practice. Co-teaching helps with this.

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The Utrecht museums, AxionContinu and ArteKino have been successfully working together for many years to make the museum collections and stories accessible to the elderly in care institutions in Utrecht.

Second Canvas Studio is the third program for these elderly people. With the Second Canvas Museums Utrecht app, masterpieces from Central Museum, Railway Museum, The Utrecht Archives and Museum Speelklok are now made accessible too.

View, listen and discover for yourself by downloading the app.

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Museum For 1 Day is a specially designed program for the elderly in collaboration with museums (Musea Utrecht) and a healthcare organization (AxionContinu).

For this program we take artifacts from museums to the elderly and together we explore the stories behind the artifacts. The purpose of this project is enabling people to have access to collections of museums and offer new experiences. This is achieved by selecting artifacts that may be touched and arouse curiosity.

In this manual we heartily share our method, experiences and knowledge. If you wish to receive this document, please contact us at or check out our website

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ArteKino is located in the creative hotspot Fabriek aan de Eem (view map)
Mailing address: Fluitekamp 31 3828 WD Hoogland

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ArteKino designs educational materials and (mobile) presentations to make art and cultural heritage accessible to young and old, whether you are able or have reduced mobility.
New experiences are created by means of various senses and using different disciplines. Room for curiosity, inquisitiveness, personal interpretation and imagination are key. ArteKino works for various larger and smaller clients in the museum and heritage industry such as the National Maritime Museum, COBRA Museum, Archaeological museum Huis van Hilde, CODA, Landschap Erfgoed Utrecht (environmental heritage Utrecht), Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed (government service cultural heritage) and Museum Flehite.

ArteKino manages processes in which preferably, content, specific or special target groups and quality take centre stage. Examples are: 1] Museum For 1 Day and Second Canvas Studio in which art and culture are made accessible for the elderly in nursing homes 2] Ewoud meets Elizabeth a community-art project and 3] School Counselling and staff training within the program Culture Education with Quality.

Looking for a new approach to visitor support?
ArteKino offers training to learn to view one's own collection from a different perspective and translate this to visitor-oriented activities. ArteKino was pleased to provide training and coaching for the National Military Museum, Het Spoorwegmuseum (railway museum), Stichting Utrechts Museumkwartier (foundation Utrecht Museum Quarter) and Ieders Museum Gelderland (Everyone’s Museum Gelderland).

Museum For 1 Day (MV1D) is a museological experience on site for people who, due to mental and/or physical limitations are not able to visit museums any longer. ArteKino, in cooperation with healthcare organization AxionContinu has developed MV1D for the museums in Utrecht in 2011. (link naar website)

In addition to this project for the elderly, ArteKino has introduced the digital programme Second Canvas Musea Utrecht. As a result of the Second Canvas Musea Utrecht-app, masterpieces from museums in Utrecht are now available to everyone who experiences difficulties visiting these museums. Download the app: Second Canvas Musea Utrecht.

ArteKino likes to share its knowledge and experiences in order to connect various ideas and worlds and is able to convert this into practically feasible projects.

ArteKino connects:
* art & cultural heritage
* partners from the sector culture, education, welfare and care
* various target groups
* various working methods

In the year 2000 ArteKino was founded by Angela Manders, a highly accomplished museum education professional and master in Art education. Angela has worked in her field of expertise for over 20 years.

Angela is an experienced entrepreneur in educational design and (artistic) project management.
She has gained her professional knowledge i.a. as teacher of visual arts education and internship coach in Higher Education, as staff guider Cultural education and Quality in primary education, as educational employee in museums and visual artist.As a person, she has been formed by a creative environment, elite sport volleyball, mountaineering (climbing) and travelling. She loves pushing boundaries, culturally as well as physically and mentally.

Moreover, she has management experience as a board member at Stichting Jonge Kunst (2009-2011), Kei-Art (2016-present) and will be a member of the international board of ICOM-CECA starting September 2019.